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Email (preferred) or call 425-883-0161
Allow 72-96 hours for a response.
Service Officers are part-time and voluntarily provide their time.

You can assist a Service Officer by being prepared for your initial meeting.

Bring a copy of your DD Form-214:  If you have multiple 214s, bring a copy of each.  Also bring a copy of your DD Form-215 if you have had any corrections made to your Service Record.


The following forms will be filled out at the initial meeting.

VA Form 21-22: This is form is to appoint a Veterans Service Organization as your representative.  The latest form should always be used.

VA Form 21-0966: This is your 'Intent to File' a claim.  It will lock in your filing date and provide you a year to gathering information before submitting your finalized claim.


The Service Officer will then review the VA filing process with you, provide you estimated timelines for completion, and discuss the medical issues you are filing for.  The VA Form 21-526EZ will be used to document the disabilities you are filing for.  The form will also ask other pertinent information so reviewing the form can help you in gathering the information you need.

Additional may forms may be needed, but your Service Officer will advise you on which forms are required.


Presumtive disabilities are one that the VA 'presumes' were caused by military service.  This is because of the unique circumstances of a specific Veteran's military service.  If a presumed condition is diagnosed in a Veteran within a certain group, the Veteran can be awarded disability compensation. Click Here to vist the VA's page on presumtive disabilities.


Other disabilities needed to showcase a 'link' to be considered a service connected disability.  In order to establish that link, the NEXUS letter is used.  The NEXUS letter is a document that a doctor or other medical professional prepares for a veteran, and it explains that the veteran’s current medical condition is related to their military service. Doctor’s opinions, especially in the form of a nexus letter, can be a very valuable tool in a disability claim if they are done correctly.

A good NEXUS letter uses specific language, includes specific phrases, and ties the facts together to draw a conclusion about connection to service.  It is important to note that a doctor should mention in their letter they have reviewed the veteran’s entire file and medical records.  When choosing a doctor to provide a nexus letter, start with the doctors that are currently treating you, or have recently been treating you.

Click Here for a NEXUS letter template and instructions.


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