Redmond Post 161

Help us Feed - The Veterans in Need!

There are many ways you can help reach out to assist those facing some tougher times as a result of the current pandemic.  From 01 Nov to 31 Dec 2020, VFW Post 2995 and Legion Post 161 are teaming up to provide meals to those Veterans or Veteran families in need.  You decided on which option best fits your budget.

Stop in and grab a meal at the Post!  For every meal over $10.00 that you eat in the clubroom, the Post will allocate $5.00 toward the Veteran Food program to needy Veterans or Veteran families.

Buy a pre-packaged, to-go-meal, and we’ll match your purchase with a meal to donate for the cause.  When you buy a pre-packaged meal of $10.00 or more, VFW Post 2995 and Legion Post 161 will provide a similar meal of value to a needy Veteran or Veteran family.  If you buy two meals ($20.00), 2995 & 161 will provide two meals for the program.

Make a donation and double your contribution.  If you buy 10 meals ($100.00) and donate those meals, 2995 & 161 will match your contribution and a needy Veteran family of four could have 5 days worth of a family dinner.

Pre-packaged meals may be ordered at the Post or online.  You can pick up the meal anytime during regular Post business hours.  Meals will be pre-cooked and frozen in microwave safe packaging with re-heating instructions included.

To order meals online, donate meals, or learn about program qualifications and how to receive a free meal, visit:

They served us, now help us serve them!


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