Active Duty and Reserve Servicemembers will find their Legion Post to be an extended family of military veterans -Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines - who've "been there and done that". You will be right at home with men and women who intrinsicly understand military life, the rewards and challenges. The Legion is "kinfolk", ready with a handshake or a helping hand. You'll find not just comaraderie, however, but also career mentorship and confidential personal assistance in times of emotional, spiritual, financial and/or legal crisis.

Deployment - We got your back!

Members of American Legion Post 161 stand ready to assist you and your family as you serve our country. You have enough on your mind. Your thoughts shouldn’t include "sweating the homefront". 

What kind of help can be available? Grocery shopping, childcare, lawn care, fixing the family car and countless other challenges to a military spouse and family.

Family members can simply call us at (425) 883-0161 or toll-free: 1-800-504-4098. Provide details of the need and then let Legion family volunteers take over. Either we, or an American Legion post in the vicinity of your family will  contact your family to determine how assistance can be provided.

While deployed, you can also contact us by email: adjutant(at) 

Legionnaires and their families have been in your shoes. We understand the problems and stresses that go with separation of loved ones during deployment. We are here to help when you need it…no charge.
Just our deepest “thanks.”


"Civilian life" will not be the same as it was before you went in the service. No way, nada, at all, period.
Accept that. Your military experiences will set you apart from your civilian counterparts in ways both good, and challenging. 
Legion members can help with the challenges - we have the resources, the common experiences, and the understanding.

And as you transition and integrate, your experiences can support those still active, and transitioning. Consider the Legion an opportunity to continue serving with your brothers and sisters, and your Country.
After all, that's who WE are!
Legionnaires strongly believe we shall not fail those with whom we served…no matter what service branch or era.


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